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Diet Starts Tomorrow

Nov 4, 2018

Sami and Aleen are back and they’re joined by FOB Jared Freid. Jared feels as though he has had the same type of body image problems that Sami and Aleen have and has become extremely resentful of people who don’t constantly think about food. At 9:30 Jared explains that he believes that every guy cares about how they look but don’t talk as openly about it. At 15:30 they talk about the importance of having a healthy day to start the week to stay on target. At 21:20 they talk about night time eating and how their emotions dictate their cravings. At 26:00 Jared explains that he thinks the difference between male and female outlooks on body image is that men are more likely to be called fat to their face. At 44:00 Jared talks about the struggles of battling the bulge while working the road as a comedian. At 55:00 a listener writes in wondering how to muster the confidence to go on dates when she’s not feeling thin.