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Diet Starts Tomorrow

Dec 23, 2018

Sami and Aleen are back and they’ve got the giggles. With guest Katie Sturino of the “Make My Size” movement joining them later in the show, they start by applauding Netflix for being a company inclusive to more normal body sizes. Sami thinks that Netflix is at the forefront of a movement of normalizing female characters with real bodies in TV and film. At 17:50 they talk about the difference in “thin” expectations for children and adults. A thin adult doesn’t necessarily make a healthy one. At 26:10 they are joined by Katie Sturino. At 34:00 they talk about Katie’s “Make My Size” movement which started after she was tired of designers only making clothes for sizes 12 and under. At 51:30 Katie explains how voicing your frustration to brands actually helps make a difference in what they produce.