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Diet Starts Tomorrow

Dec 9, 2018

Aleen and Sami are back. They’re joined by NYU nutrition and food professor, Lisa Sasson. Lisa’s field of expertise is breaking down foreign cultures through their agricultural techniques and dietary habits focusing primarily on Italy and Israel. At 9:30 Lisa explains that the Mediterranean diet is not just about eating fish and olive oil, but also about the social aspect of the lifestyle of the region which helped people stay healthy and stress free. At 14:00 they discuss the most reasonable way to eat locally grown fresh food in the US. At 25:00 they compare and contrast the Japanese diet and the Mediterranean diet. At 27:20 Lisa explains the importance of eating traditional foods from one’s culture to preserve healthy family food memories. At 34:30 they talk about the pros and cons of the Nordic diet. At 40:00 they talk about the importance of changing the ease of American living for the sake of society’s environment and food quality.