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Diet Starts Tomorrow

Jan 20, 2019

Aleen and Sami are ready to admit their worst habits. Is there anything worse than when someone says “the thing about me is...?” At 11:00 they share some “Non-Scale Wins of the Week” including one from a listener. Sami is planning a birthday vacay... why is budgeting for food such an insane challenge? At 25:40 they talk about food prep and cooking something called “Orange Soup.” Turns out Saturday is like, the only day for food shopping. At 32:00 they play Would You Rather. At 36:00 they’re joined by behavioral health advisor Kelley Hoag of Root to Rise Health. She offers tips on cutting out the binge eating and managing food anxiety. Sami shares her struggles with the “Sweet Salty Switch Off.” Aleen and Kelly could immediately relate.


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