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Diet Starts Tomorrow

Dec 2, 2018

Aleen and Sami are back with a long overdue no guest pod. Sami saw herself on TV and has finally made the realization that she’s not fat and feels great about it. At 11:05 Aleen reveals that she’s lost 11 pounds despite the chaos of the book tour. At 16:40 they recap Thanksgiving and Aleen’s unique strategy of sitting far enough away from the serving plates that she couldn’t reach them. At 21:00 they talk about the impact of Seamless and how cooking at home has helped them both stay in check. At 26:30 they talk about orthorexia, the new eating disorder that obsesses over all food intake being “pure”. At 31:40 a listener writes in wondering what the best way to balance intuitive eating with social obligation. At 36:25 a listener writes in wondering how to stop self sabotaging and emotional eating. At 44:30 a listener writes in looking for tips on how to nix her stress eating. At 48:30 a listener writes in wondering how to motivate people close to her to lose weight without being annoying. At 55:10 a listener writes in wondering how to settle into her new skin after a recent weight loss without feeling she has to lose more weight.