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Diet Starts Tomorrow

Aug 25, 2019

Aleen and Sami are back and talking about the new Kurbo diet app for kids from Weight Watchers. They start out with a last-minute preview of Aleen’s wedding and her upcoming appearance on the Betches Brides podcast. Then they talk about everything they ate this weekend and share some food regrets. At 8:50 they offer details about Kurbo and the traffic lights system it uses to teach kids what they should eat. Do we buy that this isn’t a “diet app” even though the website features weight loss success stories from kids? They talk about their own food experiences as children and ask how that affects them today. Are all disordered eating habits the result of this sort of childhood-dieting? At 37:20 they discuss whether or not you’re even allowed to question the backlash to Kurbo. Is the conversation around childhood-dieting too problematic to even discuss openly? At 52:45 they play a guessing game all about which foods are considered red, yellow, and green in the Kurbo ratings system. Then they close out the show with a listener Non Scale Win about looking good on her wedding day.