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Diet Starts Tomorrow

Oct 6, 2019

Sami and Aleen are joined by Carlie Rice, Betches content creator and the girl behind DST’s Instagram. They start with the story of her most difficult breakup, why the healing process took so long, and how she eventually got over it. At 22:10 they discuss the signs that someone you’re dating may be toxic to your mental health and how to avoid falling into a bad situation. Plus, they talk about leaning on your friends for support, having a parent who frowns on therapy, and regrets over not seeking help sooner. At 36:10 Carlie shares her experience of trying to keep up with a roommate who suffered from an eating disorder. They also discuss what it’s like to be raised with a twin sister and still become your own person. At 53:15 they talk about how supportive the DST community is to one another, and the importance of being positive toward yourself. Then at 1:05:55 they close out the show with a list of Non Scale Wins for the week.