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Diet Starts Tomorrow

Aug 18, 2019

Sami and Aleen are joined by Caroline Dooner, author of the F*ck It Diet. They start out with a conversation about the difference between food addiction and diet addiction. Is it fair to compare food to drugs, or is our obsession with food something different? At 21:10 she tells the story of how she started doing paleo, finally quit dieting and began writing her book. They talk about the bizarre history of food companies and their goal to suppress sex. At 34:05 they discuss the origin of the F*ck It Diet and the importance of breaking your own food cycle. They also discuss the connection between suppressing emotions and the anxiety that drives us to eat. At 54:40 they talk about how to stop blaming your binges and break from the “diet starts tomorrow” pattern. They finish out the show with Caroline’s daily eating routine and her number one tip for improving your relationship with food.