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Diet Starts Tomorrow

Dec 30, 2018

Sami and Aleen host the last DST of 2018. In the spirit of starting fresh in the near year, they start by talking about Sami’s new living situation. Sami is moving in with her BF and wants to know if she can still be gross. Aleen assures her that she can. At 13:50 Aleen talks about her experience with organizing her new apartment with her fiance in hopes to keep a full time commitment to cleanliness. At 23:00 they’re joined by Kate Palowski and Ann Lightfoot of Done and Done Home. Done and Done helped Aleen organize her new apartment with Rusty and feels the weight of intense clutter lifted off her shoulders. At 28:30 they talk about the mental benefits having an uncluttered home. At 35:40 they talk about best practices for people who want to attempt to organize their homes themselves. At 51:10 they talk about why organizer instagrams are fun to stare at.


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